Our History

Beringer Billiard was established in 1967 with the creation of our parent company: 

Terry Haddock Enterprises Inc. The company evolved from a small retailer / manufacturer servicing our retail customers into becoming the largest distributor in Canada and among the leading manufacturers in the billiard industry. With the success of our tables, the company’s manufacturing facilities needed to expand in order to accommodate the tremendous growth. Beringer Billiard then began manufacturing over seas with the help and expertise of our Canadian engineers, technicians, and stain masters, so no matter where the table is being designed, it only merited the Beringer Logo when it passed the 12-point inspection line.

Customers can be certain that every Beringer Billiard table exudes not only beauty but durability and value – the name plate is your guarantee – it is not given, it is earned.

Beringer Billiard was among the first to develop manufacturing facilities in various areas around the world in order to service our ever growing global dealer network ranging from North and South America to Australia.


National Distributor for North America - Mr Billiard International, Sales and Service

20 East Beaver Creek Unit 1,

Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B1G6

Phone. 1-800 661-0106

Fax. (905) 707-1723

Email. sales@mrbilliard.com

URL. https://www.mrbilliard.com